Every Friday is black
Every Friday is ours
Every Friday is black

A day for peace, a day for reflection.
Because blackness is real

Friday is sacred
If every day is a struggle
Friday is a day of hope for change
A day to get prepared, to mobilize against racism

Every friday is consciousness
Every Friday is Black
Every Friday is black

Every Friday is Black Awereness Day


The “Every Friday is Black” Project welcomes everyone one who wants to combat inequalities caused by institutional racism. We seek to take advantage of the popular moment but re-focus the theme of #blackfriday to create a shared space one day of every week in the calendar, transforming Black Friday and every Friday into a day that’s dedicated to increasing awareness and mobilizing against racism. Through this collaboration and with many other voices we want to make this weekly observance a perennial effort to increase attention on the struggle to end the continuous violation of black peoples’ rights.


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